Interview a person has special ability

Hello welcome back to my blog 🙌
Today i will tell about someone has special skills. She is a international dancer 💃. oke before i will tell about has special skills, i will introduce who is she.
Full name: Flapiana Noveni
Short name: Veni
Place, Date of birth: On Ngabang November 11, 1998
Religion: Chatolic
Hobby: Dancer and music lover
Motto:  Retreat one step, to advance a thousand steps
Now she is female university student University of Sanata Dharma Jogjakarta , course economy. She is child of two from three sister. Why i choosy her? Because she has many spesial skill. skill her is dancer, model, gitaris, and singing. She is once come up as champion  of dancing, and singing. She is once be model  until now. And why i call she is a international dancer? Because she once dancing fill a culture event with the Theme “Trade in Remarkabel” in Brunei Darussalam. This event was held inside the core that the budinessman or overseas traders to trade their products. Indonesia was no less i…

my life without you

Best skill in my life

Hello welcome back to my blog😝
Now I will telling about my skill 😍, my skill is dancing💃.
Dancing is my life, cause dancing make me happy.
Why me must happy?
Cause I can be myself and make happy people when they see me dancing.
I am start develop my skill from the time that my age 3th ago🐣.
I once dance in church, champion number 1 tari nugal naik dango XXIX 2014, champion number 1 tari nampi’ naik dango XXIX 2014, maintaining champion number 1 tari nugal XXX 2015, tari penyambutan, tari NKRI, tari pohon, tari jonggan, tari melayu.
Second my skill is singing😄.
Why me laugh? Cause I am happy I can singing although not as good as the famous singer😅.
But I ever be winner within a contest hahaha.
It is contest often contested in june or july.
I am not alone, but with my group. I am sopran singer within a group vocal.
The first time I can learn singing because I often follow activity OMK at church.
OMK is a organization catholic youth.
I am happy with my skill and without ever I develop…


2. complete the sentences below with the words from the puzzle.
a. Rita is a university student.
b. the desire for love is universal.
c. the universe began about 14 billion years ago.
d. East and West Germany were unified in 1990.
e. At many schools, students must wear a uniform.

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